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The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office is dedicated to providing accurate information to the public and media. If you are a member of the working media and would like an interview with the State Attorney, or you need information on a case, would like to talk to a specific assistant state attorney or are looking for an expert in a certain area of prosecution, please contact our public information officers Ed Griffith, Terry Chavez or Lissette Valdes-Valle.

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Below you'll find recent news releases issued by this office.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Statement From Katherine Fernandez Rundle Regarding Today's Michael Hernandez Opinion

Today’s Third District Court of Appeals decision which requires a new sentencing hearing for
Michael Hernandez does not impact the jury’s finding of guilt for the first degree murder of

fourteen year old Jaime Gough. We are currently reviewing that decision to understand its impact
on this case and future cases.

This decision forces the Gough family to relive the brutal murder of their son Jaime while a new
sentencing hearing will allow Hernandez’ attorneys to present evidence in an effort to lessen his

sentence. However, and as we always do, we must honor the directions of our Appellate Courts as
we begin preparing for this hearing whenever it is scheduled by the Court.