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Below you'll find recent news releases issued by this office.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


As a result of a joint investigation by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Task Force and the Miami-Dade County Office of the Inspector General, David Alberto Carcache (Carcache), a would-be lobbyist and political consultant, was arrested and charged with:
  • 2 counts     False Swearing           (3rd Degree Felony)
  • 1 count      Aiding, Abetting, or Advising in the Violation of the Election Code      (3rd Degree    Felony)
  • 5 counts     Falsifying Records     (1st Degree Misdemeanor)
Carcache, also known as David Carcache-Guzman and David Guzman, represented himself as a lobbyist/consultant assisting various candidates running for several Miami-Dade Community Council positions during the August 26, 2014, elections.

“A young man’s goal of creating his own business is something we usually encourage,” commented State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “However, Mr. Carcache’s business approach of undermining Miami-Dade’s Community Council system, corrupting our election process, has led to his arrest. The investigation by my Public Corruption Task Force and the Miami-Dade Office of the Inspector General uncovered evidence of numerous fraudulent campaign documents and transactions.  Thanks to their efforts, someone working to taint our election system has been thwarted.”

The investigation began when a resident of Community Council #12 received a letter from the Miami-Dade Department of Elections providing information to new candidates. However, no one at the address was actually running for election. The resident contacted authorities, initiating    an extensive
investigation which identified Carcache and his scheme to solicit and control candidates running for Community Council seats. Having enough politicians beholden to him on various Community Council seats would allow Carcache to effectively sell his (unregistered) lobbying and consulting services. Carcache was undeterred by the fact that some of his candidates were unqualified for election since they did not reside within specified Community Council boundaries.
“‘All politics is local’ a phrase taken to heart by Carcache who sought to manipulate and peddle his influence in our County government.  But for this investigation, there would be three elected officials in office, being controlled by the defendant.  The OIG will continue to provide oversight of the election process and robustly investigate all allegations of election fraud as it pertains to every level of Miami-Dade County government,” stated Mary T. Cagle, Miami-Dade County Inspector General. 
The investigation found that Carcache prepared fraudulent candidate qualifying documents, set up and controlled candidates’ email accounts, and submitted fraudulent campaign treasurer finance reports. At Carcache’s direction, thousands of dollars in campaign expenses were paid in checks or money orders payable to Carcache's sister and mother. Carcache submitted, or caused to be submitted, numerous documents containing false information and falsely sworn documents to the Miami-Dade Elections Department in connection with the campaigns of three Community Council candidates. Two candidates, Mauricio Rodriguez-Varela and Daniel Diaz won their positions to Community Council #11/113 and Community Council #12/123, respectively.  They have resigned as a result of the investigation. The third candidate, Jesus Antonio Salas, withdrew from the race prior to the election.